Let’s hear from them… Alejandra Llaneza, Professional, LPGA

Alejandra was referred to me because she experienced discomfort in her hips and pain in the right hand. Her range of motion, especially her golf swing, was getting restricted.

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Let’s hear from them…Rick Resnick, CEO, HealthCare IT firm

Rick has been very active in sport and exercise throughout his whole life. When he started his OP/EN Pilates lessons, he wanted to improve his golf swing.   With his pilates practice, Rick

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Let’s hear from them… Lesley Werle, Pilates instructor

Lesley expressed interest in Structural Integration 12 series because she felt for many years restriction and tightness in some areas of her body. She can perform many skillful movements above rough

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Let’s hear from them… Martha Gonzalez

Initially I was looking for a great trainer that would support me on aligning and strengthen my body.

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Let’s hear from them… Hector Ortiz – marathon runner

After meeting Karla I realized that her approach towards body awareness and alignment was deeply founded in solid anatomical and movement fundamentals and plenty of practical experience.

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