Open body Method TM

The key to a pain free body resides in our ability to connect our movements into a constant graceful flow.


Everything around us is in motion.

The concept of structural stability and body alignment is not a static place much less a state of a fixed way of being. On the contrary, the human body is a holistic system design to naturally move in all plans and directions with expanding intentions. I’m Karla Contreras, owner of OPEN Body ConceptsTM founder of OPEN Body MethodTM. I have been teaching movement for 30 years. My experience as a Stott Pilates, Gyrotonic® teacher and Anatomy Trains Structural Integration body therapist leaded me to the realization that we are multidimensional beings in constant flow between gravity and ground reaction force.

“Movement is a natural and instinctive way for us to heal and expand ourselves in many levels of our existence” - KARLA CONTRERAS.

Karla Contreras


All services include my OPEN Body MethodTM vision.


Karla’s training is revolutionary. As a runner, dancer and instructor myself, after two bouts of covid and a surgery, I was feeling out of my body. Karla’s work across platforms- Pilates and gyrotonic- reconnected all the pieces. I am back to feeling like myself, and stronger and more aware than ever!

Kelly Trager

“Karla has far surpassed my expectations and completely transformed my body. I feel stronger and more engaged with my body than ever before. Difficulties with my pelvic floor, low back, and chest pain are nearly non-existent. My experiences with anxiety, depression, have all dramatically improved as well.”

Mary Margaret Rogers

…”In the past, I carried my tension in my neck, and I never thought that could change. Through working with Karla, I’ve completely retrained my body to keep my neck relaxed, and to use the proper muscles instead. No more neck stiffness!”

Amy Kozelsky

“The studio is well designed and fresh, with all the best apparatus. I love that my first session started with a full body movement evaluation! The workouts are all about brain body connection: making progression so natural and efficient!”

Rosemary Keene

Structural Integration has given me an entirely new perspective for my body’s movement. Instead of “muscling through” workout and yoga moves, I can ease into them, improving my range of motion.


“After working together I feel lighter, with more range of motion and the exciting realization that possibilities are endless.”

Alejandra Llaneza, Professional, LPGA

“Karla makes the sessions very targeted and focused on specific needs.”

Rick Resnick, CEO HealthCare IT firm

“Having my body opened up and released physically has no doubt opened me up emotionally and mentally.”

Lesley Werle, Pilates instructor

“…Karla has helped me gain more awareness about my body especially in areas I need to start relaxing instead of tightening and flexing”

Erin Lacy, physical fitness trainer

“…behind are the days when I would affirm  “Because of my knees I cannot do that”, all my excuses for my body limitations just melt while working with karla.”

Martha Gonzalez – Gestalt Psychotherapist and NSEW Practitioner

Learn how to apply OPEN Body MethodTM principals in any physical activity.