Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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What means OP/ENTM?

OP/ENTM stands for open energy that flows free when the body has a sense of connection and grounding this is a natural process that occurs in movement. Just like animals in nature have no mental preconception of movement but yet they move with grace and flow, that same characteristic is natural for us humans.

Is OP/ENTM a form of exercise?

Yes, OP/ENTM is a movement method we get stronger as we explore new possibilities to create movements that not just increase tone and flexibility, it will reset the nervous system into a more calm state as we move to attain our goal. When the mind is quiet and follows the movement flow the body attains movement efficiently and fully. OP/EN Body MethodTM developed from years and years of watching people move through space muscling through without a clear understanding that movement is a state of being not of doing. I teach people to sense or feel the body moving and tap into our natural and intuitive way of calling our core into presence for dynamic stability and powerful movements.


We lose that ability to move in flow when we start conceiving movement as something that requires effort and mental control as well as our misconception of strength and tone as a result of “hard work”. Ideal muscular tone, strength, and flexibility are achieved when we open up into a clear intention to receive and allow the movement to flow inside us.

Who can benefit from this method?

Regardless of your goals or reasons, OP/EN Body MethodTM is a blueprint for any activity. By learning how to release unnecessary and unconscious tension in the body, the core wakes up in its natural state as a dynamic system that is constantly adapting to the environment. Our core is a living system (that) responds according to outside demands. When we treated the core as a series of muscles that have to contract and hold in order to attain stability, we lose touch with its aliveness and strength and the body can’t rely in its foundation and support, the result is tension and stagnation so we end up muscling through at a cost of joint and soft tissue damage.