Let’s hear from them… Martha Gonzalez

Let’s hear from them… Martha Gonzalez

Martha Patricia Gonzalez Rodriguez is a Gestalt Psychotherapist and NSEW Practitioner in Dallas TX. She is Owner/CEO of LUMACALLI a Life Transitions Coaching Group dedicated to facilite change in groups or/and individuals, contained in a family, business or school setting.

1. How long you have being practicing OPEN method?

Since you were in the creation of it! 2014? Earlier?

2. What were your goals and why you decide that OPEN was the movement method would help you to accomplish them?

Initially I was looking for a great trainer that would support me on aligning and strengthen my body. Since I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and a practitioner of NSEW that is an specific kind of energy work with the nervous system, I am aware that us humans are multidimensional beings and the body is the vehicle through which we can experience life.

The more integrated and aligned the vehicle is, the better all dimensions of the human experience (physicality, mind, emotions and spirit) work in effective and joyful ways, thus bringing the experience of joy, expantion, freedom, security into our lives… That is why in order to support people to embrace their lives, I had to do the same for myself.

When I met Karla I knew she was an intuitive body “whisperer”, she did not only had a solid foundation on body issues (anatomy, physiology, body mechanics and so forth), she goes above and beyond with each client.

There are no recipes with her but she finds exactly whatever each body needs in order to OPEN it and free the energy flowing each body… I have developed the ability to read people’s energy through the years, and what I see in people’s energy when Karla works with them and support them to develope an embodied experience is a joy to feel and watch.

3. Can you tell me areas that you have experience improvement by opening your body into awareness and flow?

For me the sensation of embodying my spirit/energy in different areas and layers of bones and tissue through OPEN movements as well as OPEN rest gives me the idea of “ there is always more to find” in terms of sensation, movement, freedom groundedness, possibilities of life experiences.

4. Can you give your testimonial?

My legs are literally “growing up”, I feel safer, more agile, stronger, stable, taller, expanded. My torso feels way more connected to my legs, as well as my arms to my torso and as you can deduce my head and neck connected.

When Karla supports me to find that unified movement I just get extremely happy. Those moments when my body wisdom emerges and movement becomes way easier and enjoyable are memorable and priceless.

Way behind are the days when I would affirm “I cannot do that movement” or “Because of my knees I cannot do that”, for that matter all my excuses for my body “limitations” just melt while working with karla.

“My legs are literally “growing up”, I feel safer, more agile, stronger, stable, taller, expanded.”

– Martha Patricia Gonzalez – Gestalt Psychotherapist and NSEW Practitioner – LUMACALLI

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