Let’s hear from them…Rick Resnick, CEO, HealthCare IT firm

Let’s hear from them…Rick Resnick, CEO, HealthCare IT firm

Rick has been very active in sport and exercise throughout his whole life. When he started his OP/EN Pilates lessons, he wanted to improve his golf swing.  

With his pilates practice, Rick noticed that regardless of the years of pilates joy,  some areas like hip flexors or lower back tension when lifting legs off the ground, for example, did not improve. I explained to Rick that the core has to be strong and dynamic at the same time. By opening his body to awaken his dynamic core quality. By cultivating awareness of movement in space and inside his body, he will generate power from within himself effortlessly into a dynamic flow between his core and his limbs.

1. How many years you have been practicing Pilates? How many Pilates teachers you have worked with?

I have been practicing Pilates for 16 years. Over that time, I have probably worked with close to 10 teachers. 

2. Can you mention some benefits of training with Karla and her OP/EN method applied to Pilates?

Training with Karla is very rewarding in a number of ways. Karla’s continued pursuit of ways to better her teaching and advancing her education seem to evolve the training as time goes on. The sessions are always interesting and challenging. She takes time to tailor the session to my needs and interests.

By having a vast knowledge of the body and movement, Karla makes the sessions very targeted and focused on specific needs. Probably the most impressive thing about Karla’s teaching is that she is able to take somewhat difficult concepts and learnings and make them easily able to understand and practice. A rare quality!

3. Which sport you practice and doy you feel your performance has improved? In which ways?

I play golf. As I get older, flexibility and efficient movement become more important to me. Karla is able to help target those qualities and we can work on them over time. It has assisted my golf game by my ability to play continuously without pain and maintain the qualities I need to play how I would like. 

“Karla makes the sessions very targeted and focused on specific needs.”

– Rick Resnick, CEO, HealthCare IT firm

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