Regardless of our individual goals, exercise or sports preferences, movement should be a full human experience with a quality of vibrant JOY.

Via our body connective system, we create optimal conditions for efficient and nourishing movement with lasting and expanding results. Our bodies are designed to move in grace and flow from moment to moment in an endless dance between two natural forces: gravity and ground reaction forces in a counterbalanced way.

Only when the body can communicate effortlessly and efficiently to cope with these forces a flow can be established between us and the environmental demands. This natural body flow is disrupted through life when unconsciously we create dysfunctional patterns in our bodies that affect this fine and harmonious dance.

OPEN Body MethodTM is a blueprint to enhance movement and is full benefits. By reconnecting our ability to feel the movement flow inside the body we improve muscular tone, strength, and re-establish full core functionality and its unique characteristic of dynamic stability, giving us the sense of grounding and adaptable flexibility of body and mind.

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“In my studio, I apply OPEN Body MethodTM to all exercise modalities and movement techniques. I teach athletes to perform from their full-body experience as well as fitness enthusiasts to enjoy in a more meaningful way their favorite movement activity.”


Learn how to apply OPEN Body MethodTM principals in any physical activity.