Let’s hear from them… Lesley Werle, Pilates instructor

Let’s hear from them… Lesley Werle, Pilates instructor

Lesley expressed interest in Structural Integration 12 series because she felt for many years restriction and tightness in some areas of her body. She can perform many skillful movements above rough ”average“,  but her movements were heavy and energy inefficient. As she expressed to me, “I am muscling through, no matter what I do to alleviate my tightness and release my movement, after a while, it comes back.

1. Can you give me a brief testimony of your experience working with me.

Working with Karla has been an eye opening experience. I have practiced movement my whole life and it wasn’t until I began my Structural Integration series with her that I was able to open up specific restrictions I have struggled with my whole life. Karla has an incredible gift of sensing people’s bodies on a very deep level, knowing what they need and how to get them to reach untapped potential. The alleviation of pain and bothersome areas has been wonderful!

2. Do you feel difference in your every day life movements and overall posture after your SI series?

Absolutely. My overall body awareness is heightened and even though my old habits die hard, I have developed an easier approach and mindset to making the subtle shifts I need in order to keep my progress moving forward. I feel connected, lighter and happier.

3. Has this work helped you increase your body awareness and your relationship with your body

Yes. More so than any other body therapies I have tried in the past. The relationship I have with my body is much more positive. I feel less doubt and anxiety with my movements in exercise and in general.

4. Do you feel any difference in flexibility and strength in your Pilates practice?

I feel like I work more efficiently and because my movements are less labored I feel stronger. Essentially, I am recruiting with less effort than before to perform the same movements.

5. Any other areas of your life you have notice this work has enhance for you?

Having my body opened up and released physically has no doubt opened me up emotionally and mentally. In general my day to day feels easier and I can relax more.

“Having my body opened up and released physically has no doubt opened me up emotionally and mentally.”


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