What is the difference between massage and structural integration?

What is the difference between massage and structural integration?

Structural Integration Therapy works with the fascia organ to realign the bones and joints via soft tissue manipulation. The person is actively involved in the process of creating space inside their body. The intention is to send reconnecting messages to the brain to incorporate or integrate the body in optimal alignment to improve heath and stop wear and tear of joints, alleviate pain and restriction of movement. This therapy focus is in address the cause not the symptom. The goal is to create a more adaptable and resilient body to better cope with outside forces, also improve balance, overall mobility and muscular tone.

The benefits of having optimal structural alignment are extensive. The efficiency of our entire bodily functions relay on our structural alignment.  When the body maintains its natural alignment all the systems of the body – vascular system, nerve system, muscular system, digestive system- function at is best ability to perform their functions. The result a more efficient and heathy body. 

Massage Therapy is a maintenance therapy for better cope with stress and chronic pain. This therapy treats the symptom by manipulating the soft tissue to increase blood flow and relief stress and pain. The person is not required to be involved in the process, so presence is not an important piece of this therapy modality.

CREDIT: Karla Contretas – Op/en Body Concepts owner

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