We are Multidimensional In Motion Beings

We are Multidimensional In Motion Beings

Everything around us is in motion. Movement is universal and it happens in an ongoing base making this universe alive in a constant expansive state of ongoing creation where nothing is designed to be static or stagnant. In this universe in motion, the concept of structural stability and body alignment is not a static place much less a state of a fixed way of being. On the contrary, the human body is a holistic system with inner systems that are designed to naturally move in all plains and directions with expanding intentions at our physical, mental and emotional levels. On this basis, health is multidimensional with many systems interplaying in flow. From fluids to energy these systems depend on movement to thrive. 

This flow can be possible via a fluid web that interconnects everything in our physical body and also influences the other parts of our multidimensional beings. This web is what we called fascia. Fascia is considered an organ of communication and interconnection. This organ is one of the holistic inner systems in the body that possess sensorial qualities that go beyond the physical body and expands into the mental, emotional and even the spiritual or energetic body as well. Having a mobile body is part of maintaining the facial system up and running smoothly in all levels and areas. 

The energetic body and its processes are related to the vibrancy of the body. Spontaneous, playful movements of the musculature according to Dr. Alexander Lowen, “are the expression of this aliveness and wellbeing”. He explains that when the musculature is free the body becomes vibrant due to the energetic charge in the musculature, and on the contrary, rigidity due to chronic muscular tension blocks our movement and decreases our vibrancy.

Structural Integration Therapy manipulates the fascia with the intention to create freedom of movement, optimal alignment and the healing process of relieving chronic pain. But also it creates an impact in this multidimensional health encouraging expansive energetic movement at many levels enhancing states of resilience, happiness, and confidence in our personal capabilities and possibilities.

In her book “Wheels of Light”, Rosalyn Bruyere has the whole chapter dedicated to a study of Structural Integration work and the healing process of the auric field that takes place in SI sessions. The chelation process that energy healers performed in their session to clean the auras follows the same order as the SI order. Starting from feet and continues up all the way to the head. This makes room to think of the fascial manipulation work of Structural Integration therapy can be considered part of the energy healing arts using the physical body as the entrance door for healing, create multidimensional wellbeing and encourage the expansion of oneself. 

Dr. Bert Hellinger Phycotherapis founder of the therapeutic method Movements of the Spirit- Mind, better known as Family Constellations, quotes “Beyond the body healing encompasses the soul. Both need to be considered and treated well”. In his book “Laws of Healing,” Dr. Hellinger mentioned that we “often feel more the pain of the soul that the pain of the body.” as we see, both authors, Lowen and Hellinger, see the restrictions of the body as a manifestation of the limitation we experience at a deeper level of our selves other than the movement limitations of the body. 

Lowen also comments… “Chronic muscular tension disturbed emotional health by decreasing an individual’s energy, restricting his mobility but also limiting self-expression.”

It is clear that this aliveness that Lowen mentions as the key to chronic pain-free movements and emotional wellbeing, is the reflection of a fascial organ in vibrant health. And the entire multidimensional being moves beyond restriction and limitations opening up into full aliveness and wellbeing.

The most advanced system in the universe is our body, with our intentions and clarity we manifest our realities. With love we heal ourselves and hold space for others to do the same. Honoring the life force of our body we honor humankind all. So we do not just work on one particular person and their wellbeing, we work and create a positive impact at a collective level with our work as bodyworkers. 

We cannot love what we don’t know and knowing the feeling of being fully alive is a human right. We have the capacity to teach this right to others as bodyworkers.

Blessings to all.


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CREDIT: Karla Contretas – Op/en Body Concepts owner

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